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DC Cop Accused of Michelle Shooting Threat

A cop working in the US President’s motorcade told fellow officers that he would shoot the First Lady and showed them a picture of the gun he’d use.

He was… assigned to desk duty because “[o]fficials say there is no indication that there was a legitimate danger to the first lady”.

Even though he thought it’d be a good idea to … crack a joke(?) during a discussion of threats to the Obamas.

I wonder what Granny Quilla would have to say about this…

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London Olympics Bans Non-McDonald's Fries

If you want fries at the London Olympics, you’re gonna have to get “America’s favorite”:

The organizing committee has informed the 800 food retailers at 40 Olympic venues across Britain that the fast food chain’s sponsorship deal gives it “sole rights to sell chips or french fries”

They’ll be making an exception for fish and chips (because duh), but you’ll have to order the fish if you want the chips. 

I suppose that’s the kind of exclusivity you get when you plunk down one billion pounds to be an official sponsor of the games…

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Vast Video Game Collection Sells for $1.2M

A collection of 7000 mint condition (factory sealed) video games just sold for $1.2 million on eBay:

The collection included every game for obscure gaming systems, such as Nintendo Virtual Boy and the Sega Dreamcast. Among his other crowning gems: One of what Andre believes are only eight copies of Kunio-Kun Dodgeball Gold ever made, and one of two copies left in the world of one Genesis game, Go-Net.

The 32-year-old seller (known only as Andre) says that he still has thousands of others that he didn’t include.

Anyone in the market for a Pokemon Silver for Gameboy Color?

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Bloomberg Plans Teeny NYC Apartments

Mike Bloomberg, Mayor of the land of tiny shitty apartments, has decided to test out 275-300 square foot studio apartments. If, like me, you have no concept of just how small that is, check out this video, which features an impossibly cluttered studio of that size.

Bloomberg says that there’s a demand for the “micro-units” and so, he’s launched a design contest in which the winner will design a building housing 80 units, 20% of which will be reserved for low income residents. The remainder will rent for below market value of $2000 per month. Far below, one hopes.

Somebody tell Gary Chang that New York needs him.

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Britain's youngest mother insists getting pregnant at 12 after a one night stand was 'the smartest thing I ever did'

Oh dear:

A woman who became Britain’s youngest mother after a one night stand at the age of 12 says she had no regrets about becoming a teen mum.

In fact, Amy Crowhurst advocates having children early as she admits that at the age of 22 she now has ‘the freedom to meet mates and go clubbing when my mum babysits.’

Amy, who is on benefits and lives in a council house, told this week’s Closer magazine: ‘Having kids young was the smartest thing I ever did.’

Amy tells Closer she wouldn’t mind if her own daughter became a teen mother. She said: ‘Having sex at 12 is fine if you feel ready and aren’t pressured. I wouldn’t encourage Destiny to plan pregnancy at 12, but if she did have a baby I’d be happy – it’d be fun being a gran at 27!’

Amy told the magazine she now has her life back on track. She and her children, now aged nine and seven, are living in a three bedroom council house and she is returning to college to get her GCSEs with ambitions of becoming a healthcare worker.

She believes she’s a better mum for having had children early as she has lots of energy and can relate to her off-spring because they are closer in age.

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Have you seen this video? I rarely watch anything longer than 5 minutes on the internet, but I couldn’t resist it after reading this post, headlined “World’s Scariest Drug: The Devil’s Breath”.

My first impression upon watching it (after “OMG, that is so frigging scary”) was that it reminded me a little too much of the Kony 2012 video. Compelling, but pat. And then I remembered one of my favorite lines from Pirates of the Caribbean. If scopolamine turns you into a zombie who can’t remember anything, then where do all the little details come from, I wonder?

This account, which points out the most obviously inconsistent aspects of the video (and subsequent coverage), sounds like the most reasonable.

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Japan police probe man who cooked own genitals

Somehow I missed this one the first time around…

So, in April, a 22-year-old Japanese artist had his genitals removed and then served his penis, testicles and scrotal skin garnished with mushrooms and parsley to five people. These people paid $250 per plate for the chance to eat his genitals, by the way.

According to the Huffington Post, cannibalism isn’t actually illegal in Japan so, though the whole thing went viral, no charges were laid at the time. It turns out though, that the police are investigating, not because he fed his genitals to people, but because the mayor of the area where the … feast took place has said that it involved the display of obscene objects.

You got that? Cooking/eating a penis … not illegal. Displaying the cooked penis before eating it … illegal.

What a world.

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Mom Upset Over Judge’s Cutting-Hair Punishment For Daughter

This one’s a doozy:

So a 13-year-old girl and an 11-year-old girl were referred to juvenile court for cutting off the hair of a 3-year-old girl.

The judge, Scott Johansen, ordered that the 13-year-old serve 30 days in detention and perform 276 hours of community service… or he said that he’d be willing to take 150 hours of community service off the sentence if her mother, Valerie Bruno, would cut off her ponytail in his courtroom.

She did, cutting all the way up to the rubber band when the mother of the 3-year-old pointed out that she hadn’t snipped quite enough.

The 11-year-old was ordered to have her hair cut as short as the judge’s and had to go back to court to run it by the judge.

Momma Bruno (above) now regrets going along and  has since filed a formal complaint against the judge.

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'Sterilization Team' Cleans Away Madonna's DNA

Madonna is unnervingly concerned about her fans getting their hands on her DNA. To make sure that this doesn’t happen, the Material Girl employs a “sterilization team” which is responsible for wiping down her dressing room after every gig so that no stray hair, skin, or saliva remains.

Her team also builds her entire dressing area, using fake ceilings and walls, to ensure there are no hidden cameras.

No word yet on what Madonna’s camp thinks fans would do with her hair, skin or saliva if they did somehow manage to get their hands on some.

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Man caught after stealing car from owner busy rescuing drowning woman

What kind of person steals a car after the owner leaps out to rescue a couple drowning in a nearby river?

This guy:

Police have arrested a man suspected of stealing a car whilst its owner rushed to save a couple drowning in the Moscow River.

The hero of the hour had leaped out of his Audi Q7 after seeing a Volvo fall into the water with two people trapped inside.

The thief was detained by police in the south of the capital late on Wednesday night along with the stolen Audi. 

According to officers, the suspect had been convicted of robbery twice before, in 2001 and 2006.

The driver of the Audi Q7 did not hesitate to leap to the rescue of those caught inside the sinking vehicle after it lost control and came off the road.

He helped a young woman struggle free of the car, but did not manage to rescue her husband, who drowned in the Volvo.

In the heat of the moment, the rescuer left his car unlocked and with the keys in the ignition, at which point the opportunistic thief took his chance to steal away with the unattended Audi.

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Atlanta Jail to Inmates: Bust Through Locks, Win Food

The locks at the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta have one small problem: The inmates can pretty much jam them and open them at will. “They just don’t serve the purpose anymore of security,” chief jailer Mark Adger tells WSBTV. So he’s testing a replacement—and asking the inmates themselves to make sure they work.

The jail plans to group its most notorious, skilled lock-beaters in the one cell block equipped with the new locks, and it will offer them up to $20 worth of free commissary food or hygiene products if they can bust them open. “We’ll get plenty of takers for what we’re offering,” Adger says. Asked why he was participating, one inmate smiled. “I dunno. I just wanna try it.”

*shrug* Seems legit.

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The Great Good Humor Ice Cream Shortage of 2012

And the Non-News Story of the Day Award goes to…

For fans of the American ice cream institution known as Good Humor, the inability to purchase several of the brand’s more popular dessert products due to a major supply shortage is no laughing matter.

Unilever, which manufactures Good Humor’s frozen novelties, blamed the lack of Toasted Almond, Candy Center Crunch and Chocolate Eclair bars on a warm spring that saw customers dipping into the stock prematurely, and the impending closure of its manufacturing plant in Hagerstown as part of a national consolidation initiative.

The in-store versions are safe; the shortage only affects the kind found on ice cream trucks.

Spokesman Jeff Graubard said the company expects the matter to be resolved “by mid-summer,” but July could not get here soon enough for some.

"The Toasted Almond’s such an old-time thing from the 1950s," said New York-based ice cream truck company owner Brian Collis. "It’s just such a basic thing we’ve always had. Now everybody’s missing it." Collis says the Good Humor shortage has caused his sales to drop by five percent.

At least one lawmaker isn’t taking the Ice Cream Apocalypse lying down.

Long Island legislator David Denenberg (D-Merrick) held a news conference yesterday to voice indignation at the shortage. “The biggest thing on their mind is ice-cream,” said Denenberg, referencing the thousands of Nassau County children who are in dire need of the sweet stuff. “It is not the Nassau fiscal crisis.”

Reporters who asked how a temporary ice cream bar deficit was more important than the county’s multi-million-dollar budget deficit were rebuffed.

Meanwhile, one child in attendance who was asked how she felt about the crisis shrugged it off. “I will still go to the ice-cream truck,” she said.

*blink, blink*

(Source: newser.com)

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Man Accused of Stealing $600 in Reese's Cups

There might be "no wrong way to eat a Reese’s", but there’s definitely a wrong way to get one:

Police in northern Ohio are trying to identify a candy thief who has stolen hundreds of dollars in peanut butter cups from a gas station store. Employees reported that a young man usually comes in after midnight, snatches Reese’s peanut butter cups, and exits the store before they can call police. The workers say the candy stolen over the past few months was worth $400 to $600.

The latest theft happened early yesterday morning. A police report indicates the man stole peanut butter cups and went for a saltier snack, grabbing a bag of chips. He was dressed in black clothing, with a hooded sweatshirt over his head. A clerk says he tried to stop the thief, who spun him around and fled on foot.

He sure is persistent.

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